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April 23, 2013

POI Video Series

Bill Hain’s interview is our innagural video in a series called Person Of Interest. POI is a web series that we will be continuing over the next several years. We will be sharing stories of people who are doing incredible things as well as stories that we simply find interesting.
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POI stands for Person (or People) Of Interest and is centered on the idea that at some point in time everyone has a story to share. This may relate to vocation, adventure, or humanitarian efforts. This may also pertain to where a person is from, their life story, or even a small simple biography.

It is the goal of the storytellers at 1080 People to capture and share these stories through a Vimeo web series of 2-5 minute videos in high definition digital cinema.



Less strings more stories.


This series exists solely for the purpose of capturing and sharing stories. At the center of these stories are people from all walks of life from all over the world. There is so much power in a story. POI is a chance to share No-Strings-Attached stories with anyone and everyone that may be interested.
Long Term Goals:

Open door policy.

We want to open the door to other storytellers for submissions without forsaking our efforts and responsibility to provide the highest quality. We will provide guidelines and suggestions to help producers capture effective and technically sound stories.

TV Syndication:

With so much content being created we want to reserve the right to distribute these stories on multiple platforms. Television is one of them whether editing them for Local Access or Regional PBS we want to offer the widest possible distribution opportunity.
Release Forms/Agreements:

We have template releases ready that all persons involved in a story must sign in order to have the video available on our platform. These releases include a Talent (cast and crew) Release, a Location Release and a Stock Footage and Photography Release form.

You may download those here:

POI Talent Release

POI Location Release

POI Stock Footage and Photography Release