Introducing: 1080 People

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Introducing: 1080 People from John Cotton on Vimeo. 1080 People is a brand new electronic media collaboration in the south-eastern United States. Our goal is to become your one-stop-shop for storytelling and audio-visual branding. Within the collaboration of 1080 People...

Terramae :30 TV Commercial

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A spot we wrote and produced for one of Chattanooga Tennessee's finest restaurants. You should seriously consider trying them out if you haven't already. Executive Chef Shelley Cooper brings her passion for fresh food and fine dining to your table...

We are Storytellers

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We are 1080 People. We tell stories and we are pretty darn good at it.

Help-Portrait, Cleveland 2011


Our first philanthropy project was organizing the Help-Portrait event in Cleveland, TN. Help-Portrait is a now-international photography event created by photographer Jeremy Cowart where photographers come together and give away prints to the underprivileged  families and individuals of the community. Most of the people Help-Portrait...

Portrait of an Artist // Nepal

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Portrait of an artist II - Swapnil Acharya from Shashank Shrestha on Vimeo. As a filmmaker, it is hard to underscore the value of a good story. Now imagine trying to encompass the nuance, personality, and feeling of a 2...


adventurous andrea

As storytellers our job is to share who you are. Sometimes we can convey your story in a video or song, other times we only have one still frame. Often a single image is all that is needed to say...

Nathan + Melissa

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Introducing: The Shimmies. Nathan and Melissa get hitched in a beautiful spring wedding at The Barn at High Point Farms in Flinstone, GA. Made by John and Paul of 1080 People.

New York or Bust Trailer

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NYOB is an experiment. A parallel first person POV documentary using mobile phones. The story of two friends travelling to New York City on September 11th to attend a rock concert as told from each of their unique perspectives. Music:...

Classroom for Christmas Fundraiser

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A video we made to help promote Simone's Kids and their 2013 Christmas fundraising campaign.

POI Series: Bill Hain

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Bill Hain's interview is our innagural video in a series called Person Of Interest. POI is a web series that we will be continuing over the next several years. We will be sharing stories of people who are doing incredible...